PARDON me, you said “PRIXM”?

What is the purpose of PRIXM?

PRIXM, a real imaginary museum, is the free weekly newsletter for believers and non-believers who are empassioned with culture. Whatever your faith and your convictions might be, on Sunday in 3 minutes top estimate, you will be able to discover how one and the same verse was:

  • put into music by Bach and sung by Presley or Bob Marley ♪♫
  • interpreted by Rabbis and the Church Fathers 🙏
  • recited in poetry by Rimbaud or Saint-Exupéry 🖋️
  • painted by Rembrandt, Picasso or Banksy 🎨
  • discussed in philosophy by Kant or Rousseau 💭
  • and you can understand the differences between the Bible and the Qur’an 📖

Seven months after the beginning of the adventure, PRIXM already has more than 40,000 French-speaking readers. A success that is not about to come to an end, since PRIXM will soon be launched internationally: the English, Portuguese and Spanish versions will be available at the end of the summer of 2017. By the way, if you wish to participate in the creation of teams for these languages or for others, don’t hesitate to write to

How is the newsletter produced?

The purpose of our team is to guarantee a transmission that is faithful both to the teaching of the Church and to scientific demands.

Before landing in your email box on Sunday afternoons, every newsletter travels between Paris and Jerusalem. The trip always begins in the Holy Land, where 300 scholars – Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, Muslims and non-believers – from prestigious universities edit, translate and annotate the holy books within an online project, The Bible in its Traditions. Every week, our Parisian team looks at their analyses, chooses a passage of Scripture, and embellishes it with nuggets of music and films, with treasures from paintings and literature, to let you travel as well by showing you how much the biblical texts have inspired artists for thousands of years. Finally, the newletter makes a last journey to Israel, where it is validated in Jerusalem by a committee of experts at the Ecole biblique.

In short, everything is done to offer you a content that is both original and of good quality.


Who stands behind PRIXM?

The adventure began in 2014 in Jerusalem, when Nicolas Chatain and Hélie Brouchet, two French students at the Sorbonne University, chose to spend a year at the Ecole Biblique et Archéologique Française, founded and directed by the Dominican Order. This institution of international renown was created in 1890, and great scholars have worked there, in particular since 1948, around the archaeological sites in Qumran; from the Ecole also came the Jerusalem Bible, of which several dozens of millions of copies have been sold since 1956.

While working as “editing pencil pushers” on the project The Bible in its Traditons, in which more than 300 scholars from renowned universitities are taking part, they became aware of the following phenomenon:

The bad news is that in speaking to people around us about the project in which we are taking part and about what we discovered in the texts and their interpretations, we became aware of the general lack of knowledge of Scripture. The good news is that many of the people with whom we talked were really interested in learning more about it!

Once Nicolas and Hélie had returned to France, this discovery led them to begin the PRIXM project in March 2016.

  • The ambition: to transmit to a large public the world cultural heritage that comes from texts of the Bible.
  • The principle: to let you discover every week through email, whatever your faith and your convictions might be, the extent to which and the way in which for 2000 years Scripture has inspired artists and thinkers in our societies.

After one year, PRIXM has some new people in its team. Nicolas, who manages the project as a whole, is accompanied by Thibault for the technical development and Valentine for the international editions.

What is PRIXM’s juridical structure? 

PRIXM is the product of a non-profitable international association (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif – AISBL). This AISBL was founded by the Ecole Biblique et Archéologique Française de Jérusalem in order to realize a crazy wager: to make scholars all over the world work on the biblical text so as to show the results to a large public.

Today, two lungs constitute the AISBL:

  • an academic lung directed by fr. Oliver-Thomas in Jerusalem, that brings online the project The Bible in its Traditions, in which more than 300 scholars from internationally renowned universities participate;
  • a lung based in Paris that is responsible for developing projects destined to a large public in order to transmit the art and the cultural traditions inspired by the Bible and as far as possible to raise funds for the scholars.

This is how PRIXM was born. Since its foundation, the AISBL can exist and develop projects thanks to donations. Launching this beautiful adventure of transmitting knowledge would not have been possible without the support of great donors, whom we thank very cordially; and today, the AISBL can also receive the help from readers of PRIXM from among the public.

Do you feel like supporting this project?

PRIXM will grow thanks to you, with you

We need you in order to continue PRIXM’s development in France and throughout the world. After reading a newsletter, every subscriber who wishes can give the project financial support. If you believe in PRIXM, every help will always be welcome! Thank you for your support, thank you for your generosity!

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